Are you a private business owner or public service manager? Then staff communication is critical for your organisation!

Each day, your staff represent the public face of your company. Successful companies take every opportunity to engage with their staff, providing positive messages and useful information. This is even more important when you have mobile or distributed staff locations, far away from the main offices. It isn’t always easy though to reach all your staff.


Digital Solution

Digital signage is increasingly being used for internal staff communication. Deploying display screens at locations where your staff congregate provides you with a means to engage with staff directly each day. Recently, Legato, along with our London-based partner Intevi, deployed a staff communication solution for Virgin Trains. Virgin have installed between one and four screens each at thirteen of their locations across England. They use the system to keep staff up to date with what is happening in the organisation. Their communications include fun, animated presentations of the services available on the trains, along with ideas about how to highlight these services to customers.


How your staff feel about your organisation will determine how your customers see your organisation.


Another major goal for Virgin was to provide staff with direct feedback from the company’s customer and staff relations system. Virgin trains use a internal communications system from O.C. Tanner, which includes a wall of fame to highlights staff achievements. One of Legato’s objectives was to create a visualisation of the wall of fame, that would automatically update and display on Virgin’s screens. The combination of informative and motivational content chosen by Virgin has proven to be highly effective.


Portfolio: Virgin Trains