Instant Signage Control

InSight digital signage trigger app

What is insight Trigger?

insight Trigger is a mobile app that lets you take instant control of your digital signage screens. Designed to be incredibly easy to use, it automatically finds your digital signage systems when connected to the same network. You can then start and stop triggered presentations when required, without having to wait for other messages to finish. Using it is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


  1. Create trigger presentations in insight Director (as many as you want).
  2. Select the screen you’d like to control in the Trigger app.
  3. Tap a presentation to start it.

What can I do with insight Trigger?

The Trigger app makes insight digital signage more versatile than ever. It lets you take control of any screen and instantly play content that you need to show immediately. When not being used for triggered content, the screens will revert to routine scheduled presentations. The Trigger app is great for:


Health and Safety

When visitors arrive at your factory or office for a tour, use the Trigger app to show them the health and safety briefing video.

Staff Training

Store all your staff training videos as triggered presentations and use the Trigger app to show them on demand.

Product Catalogue

When potential customers ask for more information about a product, use the Trigger app to show the product’s showcase video.

Emergency Instructions

In an emergency, use the Trigger app to display directions to the nearest exit on your digital signs.

Staff Updates

Use the Trigger app to show pre-recorded updates for staff, from the company directors.

Much, much more...

Whatever you need to show on command on your screens, you can use the Trigger app to do it.

Get insight Trigger Now

If you’ve got insight Digital Signage, why not get the free Trigger app now! It is available for both iOS and Android.


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Using Trigger app for digital signage