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What is insight SoundBites?

Live data content brings digital signage to life. It helps to keep audiences engaged, by displaying information that is current and relevant. insight Digital Signage supports live data from a number of sources:

  • Twitter timelines
  • RSS feeds
  • Custom live data feeds

Messages from these live data sources can easily be displayed on insight signs — either in full screen format, or as part of a content layout template. SoundBites makes it easy to manage and update live data sources for your signage.

What can I do with insight SoundBites?

SoundBites lets you:

  • Import and manage Twitter feeds
  • Create and manage custom live data feeds
  • Publish and update live data feed messages

It is intended that the import and management of Twitter feeds, as well as the creation and management of live data feeds, is carried out system installers / content developers. Publishing of live data feed messages is carried out by system owners. These areas of functionality are described in the sections that follow.

Digital signage Twitter wall mockup

Import & Manage Twitter Feeds

NB: For installer and content developer use.


SoundBites simplifies the process of displaying Twitter feeds on digital signage. By following the steps in the configuration wizard, insight is authorised to subscribe to tweets from a specified Twitter account.

When this feed is included in a sign’s content layout template, the corresponding tweets will be animated onto the screen. Alternatively, the tweets can be displayed in full screen mode, resulting in a ‘Twitter wall’ (see video).

As a result of the method used by SoundBites, it is possible to bypass Twitter’s API rate limits, allowing the Twitter feed to be reliably displayed on an unlimited number of individual digital signs.

Create & Manage Custom Live Data Feeds

NB: For installer and content developer use.


SoundBites makes it possible to create and manage custom data feeds for inclusion as part of a digital sign’s content layout template. Each feed item can contain a title, image and short message.

The purpose of this functionality is to allow digital signage customers to conveniently publish short messages to their digital signs, without having to create and host an RSS feed.

Digital signage content layout template
Live feed information on digital sign

Publish & Update Live Messages


SoundBites lets you manage the content of live data feeds that have been created for your insight Digital Signage system.

After entering the feed ID and PIN (provided during system installation), you can create new live feed messages, or modify or delete existing entries. For each message, you may include a title, image and short message. The subsequent messages will then appear on the selected signs.

Because this functionality is provided by SoundBites (as opposed to within insight Director), it is possible to delegate the management of live messages to staff members, without having to provide control over any other aspect of your digital signage system.



The video opposite shows an example of Twitter integration. In this case, it is being displayed full screen in Twitter wall format.


Information from RSS feeds and most other data sources and formats (XML, JSON, etc) can be read and displayed on insight Digital Signage.


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