Interactive iPad Control for Digital Signage

InTouch interactive iPad control for digital signage

Enabling Audience Engagement


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

intouch involves your audience in the story you’re telling. Available as an iPad application for insight Digital Signage, it invites your customers to engage with your content in a way that is familiar and intuitive.

What Can I Do With intouch?

intouch is for your customers


intouch provides an alternative way for your customers to interact with your screens. By deploying an iPad running intouch next to your digital sign, your customers will be able to interact via the iPad’s touchscreen. Because intouch messages are HTML-based, there are no limits to the ways you could use it.

During periods of no interaction, standard message loops are played on both displays.

In the video, Paula Fee (Web and Digital Manager at Visit Belfast) demonstrates intouch being used in the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre. The centre, which opened in November 2013, uses intouch to inform and educate tourists about attractions and activities in Belfast and the surrounding area. The centre won the Innovation Award in the 2014 NITB Tourism Awards.

intouch is for you

intouch can be used by you and your staff to take control of display screens. The insight media player can store as many intouch messages as required and the intouch application can provide access to these messages. You simply select the display to control and choose the intouch message to view. You can then interact with the intouch message as your customer would.

The video shows how intouch could be used by staff to choose which movie to show on a digital sign.

Why Choose intouch?

The intouch system is not just a replacement to a touch screen display; it offers so many more possibilities. An iPad tablet is part of the furniture in many homes. Even people who have never used an iPad have an understanding of what it is. Its presence already relays an understanding that this device provides an interactive experience. The tablet is also more personal and approachable and consequently less daunting than the standard touch screen. There are many reasons to choose an intouch solution rather than a large touchscreen display:


The iPad + screen combination is typically a more cost-effective solution when compared to a large touchscreen.

Dual Display

Provides opportunities for new user-experiences utilising the iPad screen in addition to the standard display screen.


Using multi-touch techniques on a large touchscreen can be complex and costly. The iPad lends itself easily to exploiting multi-touch, allowing content to be designed that the user can pinch, zoom and rotate.


Touchscreens have limitations in size and usability. intouch has no such limitations – imagine controlling a huge video wall from an iPad!


One of the major benefits of interactive content is the ability to track how customers use the content. intouch allows you to track usage in the same ways you would track web site usage.


The iPad provides users with a personal experience which in turn aids the capture of feedback. It is much less obtrusive for a user to enter details or complete a survey using an iPad than a public facing touchscreen.