Content Creation

The insight media player support three types of content; these are images, video and HTML.

The support of HTML content has several benefits:

  • HTML is a mature technology and there are many standard content creation tools available.
  • Using HTML you have the ability to leverage live data from sources external to the media player, for example web data services.
  • When you combine the media player with a touch enabled display you can use HTML to provide interactive content.

The insight media player can use HTML based content in all of its presentation types.

Responsive Webdesign

HTML based content messages

This piece of content uses HTML to display a message on the screen. The content can include text, images and video. Typically the content is displayed for a fixed period but may vary if real time data is used. You will find content examples and guides in the download section.

Multi function UI (Layouts)

This type of content is used to divide your screen into regions. Within each region you display a particular type of content. A typical layout might divide your screen into three regions. This may consist of a column on the right, a row at the bottom and a middle rectangle. You could have a twitter feed in the right column and additional live data feeds in the bottom row. The middle rectangle would then be used to show your standard media loop consisting of images, video, TV etc. Remember that the layout is HTML so your only boundary is imagination.

To make it easy we have already created a set of widgets that integrate common live data sources including twitter and RSS feeds. Again checkout the content examples and guides in the download section to find out how easy it is to create stunning layouts.

Interactive content

Interactive content requires that the media player be paired with a touch-enabled display. The use of interactive content provides the user with a more immersive experience. The typical interactive setup will display a standard media loop that is active when there is no one touching the screen. This media loop usually has one or more messages that invite the user to touch the screen. Once the user touches the screen the media loop is stopped and the interactive content is loaded and presented.

Legato also provide a tool which allows anyone to create interactive content. This tool is visual based and requires no HTML experience. To find out more see the creative tools section. You can also find out more on how to use HTML to build immersive interactive content in the download section.

inTouch Content

Normal interactive content requires the use of touch enabled displays. With InTouch you can provide the user with an interactive experience that combines a tablet device and normal (non-touch) displays.

You will find a complete example and guides in the download section. Also there is a inTouch simulator available to help you create your own content at your desk. You can find out more in the creative tools section.

Remember.. we can create your screen content for you!

Legato offer a full content creation service; Whether it's creating stunning animated imagery or designing enthralling interactive journeys. Get in touch so we can start sharing ideas!