insight’s extensive suite of digital signage software applications lets you get the job done.

insight Director

insight DIRECTOR

Digital Signage Content Manager

Director is our flagship application for managing your digital signage. Intuitive and user-friendly, it lets you:

  • Manage your images, video and other multimedia content
  • Create and preview compelling presentations
  • Manage your digital signs and schedule content
intouch logo


Interactive iPad Control for Digital Signage

intouch takes digital signage beyond its usual limitations. Available as an iPad app, it lets users engage with interactive signage content via a paired iPad. intouch provides a more intuitive and engaging experience for users, at a lower cost than using large touchscreen displays.


Signage With Its Finger on the Pulse

insight Soundbites makes it easy to display live data messages on your digital signs. Integrate and display messages from a Twitter timeline, or create an easy-to-update custom message feed without having to set up an RSS server.

Screen Rocket


Need to update today’s special offers? Need to add a new for sale property to the window screen? Need to change you screen content without spending a fortune on graphic design?

You can and with Screen Rocket anyone can create designer quality video in minutes.

Imagine a top quality video template that has been created specifically for you. Now imagine being able to tailor the message elements of the template. Finally click and create the final video in glorious full HD. Screen Rocket makes it easy to create video in any size and any orientation.

insight TRIGGER

Instant Signage Control

insight Trigger is a mobile app that lets you take instant control of your digital signage screens – perfect for showing safety demos, product videos and much more.

insight Trigger is available for iOS and Android.

inSight Trigger app

Tools for Installers and Content Developers


We also have a range of software tools, developer kits and technical documentation to help digital signage installers and content developers. Some of these items are described below.


The content developer kit contains all the information you need to create content for insight, including documentation and sample code.

inSight Digital Signage content management system
Connection test utility


The insight connection test utility cuts down the time spent troubleshooting network issues. When used within the digital sign’s network, the utility will determine the network’s characteristics. If it finds anything that might cause deployment issues for insight, it will highlight these to the installer.


CallPoint Designer lets you take a Photoshop storyboard and turn it into an interactive screen journey. This is a visual tool so there is no code or HTML. Simply add the storyboard screen designs and define touch regions to tie them together. You can also add call buttons that use telephony services.

Callpoint Designer
insight Console

insight CONSOLE

The insight console app makes it possible to view the JavaScript console output from an insight media player. This is useful for debugging new integrations or layouts.


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