Software and Hardware in Signage Harmony

insight Digital Signage media player

What is insight Media Player?

insight Media Player is the combined hardware and software platform that drives your digital signage screens. It is the product of many years of development and refinement. Its compact hardware is fast, efficient and perfectly suited to controlling your digital signs, whilst its software is designed to make the absolute most of the hardware.

insight’s cloud-based architecture means that when we add new features, your insight Media Player can be remotely and automatically upgraded without you having to lift a finger!

Features of insight Media Player

Powerful and Reliable

inSight Media Player is powerful, reliable and optimized for digital signage. Its Linux-based software is the result of many years of development and refinement.

Sticks to the Plan

Ensures that your content is shown according to the schedule you specify. It also caches the content in case the network fails.

Head in the Clouds

The cloud doesn't just send content to your media player – it also monitors it and keeps its software up to date.

Any Content

Supports video, images, live HD TV, audio, interactive content, Twitter and other live data feeds, PowerPoint presentations and much more.

Easy to Miss

Our small and sleek player will fit neatly behind your digital sign and it's as quiet as a mouse – you wouldn't know it's there.

Easy to Integrate

With Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi and 3G/4G dongle support, it will happily join any network using either DHCP or static IP addresses.

Any Display

Supports almost any screen - VGA/HDMI, SD/HD/4k, landscape/portrait, touch/non-touch. Custom EDID, RS232, PJLink and 1-Wire support.

Won't Cost the Earth

inSight Media Player uses low-power components and can power itself and your screens off and on when required.

Puts You in Charge

inSight Media Player's web admin page and SSH installer access let you take control. Startup and shutdown scripts are supported.


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