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Screen Rocket

Screen Rocket

This demonstration version of Screen Rocket makes it easy to edit and create video or digital posters in any size and any orientation with just a few clicks. Glorious HD content at your fingertips!

Once installed, simply select a template and follow the step-by-step instructions and voila.. your demonstration video or image will be stored in your Documents folder*

*Whilst digital poster images will take only seconds to complete, videos can take up to six minutes (remember that they are Hi-Definition!). All content created by this demonstration will include a watermark which would not appear on the actual product.

inSight CMS

Store and manage all your images, digital video, motion graphics as well as HTML and interactive material.

You can control each of your screens’ displays independently and easily deploy or change your multimedia content.

Create programming schedules or dynamic playlists to show your content exactly what time of the day or week you want it to.

Live Data Client

The Live Data client allows you to add real time data to your screen. You can you this software to enable a twitter account so that it can be displayed on your screens.

Once enabled you have can use the twitter feed as part of a multi screen UI layout. You can also create a full screen animated twitter wall.

Connection test utility

Connection Test Utility

The inSight media player and inSight CMS client have some simple network requirements. This tool allows you to check that your network meets these requirements.

The tool also provides the information needed by an network engineer to provide the required connectivity. It is highly recommended that you use this utility prior to deploying any inSight solution.