Digital signage is a presentation medium where content is truly king. Unfortunately one of the most overlooked aspects of many solutions is sustainable content creation. Everyone has experienced the initial deluge of content that turns into a trickle after a few months.

One of our clients, Tayto, the crisp and snack manufacturer, is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. As part of the celebrations the factory reception area at Tayto Castle was given a complete redesign. This redesign added large multiple screens running our inSight software. The purpose of these screens is to display welcome messages and other tailored information for visitors to the factory.

Once Legato completed the physical install of the new screens and media player we turned to content creation. The factory tour runs twice daily and attracts both casual visitors and school groups. A primary objective was to provide welcome messages customised daily for the groups visiting. Without graphical design skills this would be a difficult requirement.

Using Legato Screen Rocket we turned this task into a simple and enjoyable experience. A custom Tayto template was designed and implemented. This allows the tour staff to create designer quality full HD digital posters in minutes without any design skills required.

Add text to create your designer quality HD image - Screen Rocket Content Creation Tool

To get started the operator selects the Tayto template and begins adding the message text. The image is updated as you type so you always know how it is going to look. Font sizes are adjusted automatically as you type to make sure you get the best impact for your message. It really is that easy no wonder Mr Tayto is smiling!


All digital signage projects should prioritise the regular creation of new digital content for the display screens. Legato provide simple to use content creation tools that allow normal users create their own designer quality HD content.

Why not try the Screen Rocket demo for yourself and see why it is changing the market!