For a lot of people, Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool that helps them to get their message across every day. PowerPoint is great at helping to communicate all sorts of information and a lot of people are wizards at using it. They know how to make a slick slideshow and they can do it quickly. By using insight Digital Signage, a slideshow can continue to deliver its message long after the audience has left its seats. In this post, we show you how easy it is to display a PowerPoint presentation on your digital signs.

Just a Few Simple Steps…

Step 1:

Make sure that your slideshow will advance automatically from slide to slide.


Step 2:

Then, add your slide show to your media using insight Director.


Step 3:

Have a cup of tea. The conversion process won’t take long and we’ll let you know when it’s finished.


Step 4:

Now that the slideshow has been converted, you can view the resulting video in insight Director.


Step 5:

Finally, add the converted video to your display screens and be amazed!


Same Effort, Greater Rewards

The ability to quickly and easily convert PowerPoint presentations and display them on digital signage is intended to supplement rather than replace existing delivery methods. PowerPoint support allows the effort that was required to create the presentation to pay off for longer. By playing the presentation on multiple digital signs, it can also reach a much wider audience. Finally, it makes it easier for people who are not graphical designers to create professional signage content.