Lisburn & Castlereagh Tourism

Legato were tasked to create an interactive tourist information kiosk. The plan is to deploy the kiosks to tourist locations. The first was located in the Lisburn tourism centre and another was placed at the nearby Lagan Valley LeisurePlex. The process to build the content for the screens involved consulting with the client to understand the requirements. The interactive content acts as an extension to the Visit Lisburn website.

After Lisburn merged with Castlereagh Borough Council we deployed further kiosks at Forestside Shopping Centre and the Dundonald Icebowl.

The normal web content is provided as a feed to the interactive software on the screen. This content is then visually reinterpreted to suit an interactive touch screen and presented to the visitor. What makes it great is that updating or adding content to the Visit Lisburn website magically updates the interactive screens.

Finally the interactive screens are also hooked into Google Analytics so you can get real time feedback on how they are being used.


  • Legato InSight Digital Media Player
  • Legato CMS
  • 1 x Touch Screen and 1 x Free standing totem
  • Content Creation
  • Installation
  • Training