Simon Brien Residential

Estate Agent Property + Services Promotion

Using screens to promote properties is nothing new. The Legato difference is the use of our flexible content creation tool ScreenRocket. Using ScreenRocket anyone can create designer quality video in minutes. Legato consults with the client to create a template. The created template reflects the style and branding of the client. Using ScreenRocket the placeholder content is replaced. For a property template this would include such things as the property information and pictures. The template also includes animations like picture zooms and pans.

Once editing is complete, ScreenRocket produces a full HD video of the template. The templates can be in portrait or landscape to suit the orientation of the screen. Best of all, you own the template so you can generate as many videos as needed at no additional costs.


  • Legato InSight Digital Media Player
  • Legato CMS
  • ScreenRocket
  • High Bright Window Screens
  • Installation
  • Training