Platinum Client

Bespoke wayfinding solution

One of our partner organisations asked us to work with them to create digital wayfinders for their premium client in London. The client wished to install the systems in a number of large new and refurbished buildings with high visitor numbers.

They wished to provide highly-visual and interactive wayfinder systems that would help visitors to find their destination quickly and easily. In addition, the client wanted to provide background information about the organisation along with live content from a number of external sources. Finally, they wanted to provide a method for visitors to get further assistance from staff, as well as a facility for visitors to order a taxi when leaving the building.

Digital Concierge

The systems we developed have exceeded the client’s expectations.

The interactive digital wayfinder component allows visitors to quickly and easily locate the room they require, using attractive 3-d floor plans that we designed for them. Interactive maps of the local area are also provided.

Content from other systems is used for a number of purposes. The organisation’s training course calendar helps visitors to determine the room their course is in. The integration of external content feeds allows users to view live news and weather information and to view tweets from the organisation’s Twitter account. Visitors can also read about the organisation’s long history if they have a moment to spare.

Finally, the system integrates Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony with an attractive and easy-to-use interface, allowing visitors to speak directly to a staff member if they require further help. VoIP also lets visitors order a taxi when ready to leave the building.

Combining Resources

Our partner organisation approached us with unique requirements for systems for a large, high-profile client. By working together, we have been able to combine our skills and experience to deliver a solution that has exceeded the client’s expectations and which has resulted in the client ordering more wayfinder systems.