intouch is a versatile iPad application that complements intouch, our unique and powerful digital signage solution. Using intouch, any standard display screen can be made interactive by controlling its contents using the intouch-equipped iPad.
In a typical intouch deployment, the iPad will be mounted alongside a normal (non touch-enabled) display screen. The screen may be showing, for example, a standard media loop with informational and advertising messages. Similarly, the intouch app on the iPad will be showing a separate image loop.

When the user touches the iPad’s screen, a new content journey begins. Both the iPad and the large display screen will display the first image from the new content. The user is now in control of what is displayed on the large display screen.
intouch is unique to our intouch digital signage system.

It can bring interactivity to established digital signage systems without the need to replace screens with expensive touchscreen equivalents. It also presents an abundance of new ways of delivering your message, whether intouch is in your hands or your customers’.