One of our clients has a fabulous video wall. It resides in a public space and stands at around 4 metres tall and 2 metres wide. The video wall has over 7 mega-pixels, looks amazing and shows custom ultra HD video. Our latest challenge was to transform this video wall with a multi-function UI.


The completed UI has two phases of operation. The first phase we named ‘today’. The ‘today’ phase shows a very big clock, the date, current temperature and today’s high and low temperatures. In the middle of the screen a full HD video representation of the current weather is shown.

Once the weather video is complete we transition to the ‘news & finance’ phase. The ‘news & finance’ phase brings together the latest news and financial market information. The news stream shows a series of the latest headlines while the market information includes exchange rates, the FTSE 100, gold and oil prices. In the background a night time image of the building is slowly animated.

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