Visitors to Belfast can now take advantage of an impressive new facility to help them make the most of their stay in the city.

The £1.82 million Belfast Welcome Centre on Donegall Square North, which was developed as one of the key projects within Belfast City Council’s Investment Programme, has just opened its doors. We are incredibly proud to have played an integral part in the development of the new centre.


Belfast Welcome Centre digital signage systems


The Welcome Centre’s purpose is to be the official ‘one-stop shop’ for tourists (and locals) who want to find out about and experience Northern Ireland’s many attractions. The centre provides information that covers virtually everything a visitor might want to know about, from local activities and attractions to the best bars and restaurants, and from the rich history of Belfast to its exciting plans for the future.


intouch iPad control for digital signageInnovative Information Delivery

The council’s vision for the centre was for it to be one of the most technologically advanced tourist information centres in Europe, in addition to being highly informative and engaging. The centre achieves this by making extensive use of our insight Digital Signage system in its various forms, from a stunning sixteen screen video wall to numerous individual information kiosks. Visitors can create itineraries via self-serve touchscreens or browse attractions using interactive digital maps covering Belfast city and Northern Ireland. Legato helped to develop much of the content for the centre’s systems.


The standout feature of the centre’s technology is undoubtedly its use of intouch – our unique iPad app for digital signage. intouch creates a shared interactive experience between a user, an iPad and a large digital display. Users interact with and control large screen content via the interactive content on the paired iPad. In the case of the Belfast Welcome Centre, tourists are able to find out more about whichever aspects of Belfast’s attractions or story that interests them. For most users, an iPad is a more familiar (and obvious) control surface than a large touchscreen display, resulting in more interaction and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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Flexible Signage Control

In addition to the mounted iPads that are permanently paired with screens, the Welcome Centre has other iPads for staff to use. Using intouch, members of staff can take control of any unused screen in the centre to show any content. They’ve found this to be great for showing non-core content for visitors who want even more information about a particular topic. They also use it to great effect when there’s an event at the centre, by taking instant control of their stunning video wall.


The centre is expecting to deal with more than 400,000 visitors enquiries in the new building’s first year of operation.