At Legato we understand that the world of digital signage can be a real minefield. Therefore before deciding on what product and solution is right for your business, it’s key to understand why you need a digital communications system and the benefits it can bring.

Our first suggestion is to watch this short video which shows how digital displays can help in so many ways.

Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows digital content such as images, moving video, live content and more. It is generally used to replace traditional printed paper giving information, advertising and other messages.

Digital signs (such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images) can be found in public and private environments, such as retail stores, schools/universities, reception areas, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings, in fact there isn’t a organisation that wouldn’t benefit from a digital signage system.

Legato can design, build, deliver and maintain a digital communication system for you to broadcast up to the minute information to your audience. We can provide you with a solution to allow global and local information to be sent to multiple screens in unlimited physical locations all over the world.

We can allow various content contributors all with specific user rights and restrictions to manage the system. We will also integrate your content with any live feeds (live TV, RSS, Weather, News, Travel) as well as any existing internal systems (Phone systems, databases, sales information, call stats, meeting room booking system, stock levels etc) this ensures no double entry of data throughout your organisation and makes sometimes dull, unused information as attractive business critical content.

Digital signage Displays can be controlled via many different networking protocols including a local network , secure VLAN, over the internet, 3G, WiFi etc So no matter your existing infrastructure you can take full advantage of the solution. The market sees digital signage as more beneficial compared to static signage because content that updates frequently can be digitally updated, saving the cost of printing. Digital signage also has the ability to be interactive with embedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture devices.