If your employee communications could use a fresh approach or if you’re facing widespread email-fatigue, our employee communications software tools may help you. Our range of visual displays showcase your most important broadcast messages and make it easy for employees and audiences to process important information quickly.

Digital signage is a great way to create change within an organization by integrating with the programs, processes, and applications companies already use to run their business. “It’s important to mix entertaining and socially relevant content to attract and retain viewership,

For large corporations with huge numbers of staff located at multiple sites and across different markets, social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become integral to inward-facing communications.

Now technology developed in the poster advertising industry, using internet-connected networks of digital screens which can carry live content is the latest way in which companies can talk to staff. These systems provide internal comms teams with their own digital poster network which is capable of being integrated with social media and other digital channels and represents a step-change in the way companies can talk to employees. Talk to Legato and we will guide you, from software, design, support and most of all the platform that provides a solution.

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