A visitor centre that far exceeds a traditional information centre!

The new state-of-the-art Belfast Visitor Welcome Centre was opened in December 2013, providing a completely new and innovative approach to visitor information. Legato conceptualised and developed this digital visitor experience  using a mix of  screens including digital content displays, fully interactive touch screens allowing visitors to browse product listings, interactive maps and live social feeds. You can read more about these and our other our digital signage solutions on our lovely new inSight website.

Legato also created content for the displays particularly that which appears on our stunning 4 metre wide video-wall!

The design, look and feel of the centre was developed following extensive research into best practice and reflects the Belfast and Northern Ireland brands. With the twin aims of inspiring and informing, the centre is very visitor focused, with all content platforms based on researched visitor needs.

The new centre quickly saw an increase in footfall, retail sales, ticket sales and customer satisfaction, over the old centre.

The feedback from visitors and locals has been extremely positive, with some describing it as the finest they have seen in the UK, if not Europe!

To ensure that the centre meets changing visitor needs, innovative techniques used in visitor centres in major cities around the world were adopted and tailored for the Northern Ireland experience.

As well as the inSight technology, the judges were impressed with the design and organisation of the centre, which creates “a visitor centre that far exceeds a traditional information centre.”

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