Recently one of our Belfast clients commissioned a multi-function UI layout for their insight Digital Signage. The purpose of this adaptive layout was to both brand the screen and divide it into clearly, separate content areas. The main portion of the screen would show a live TV news channel, another would show static company branding and the third area would show dynamic content including time, weather and temperature.



The client wanted the ability to add at any time simple messages to this on screen panel; each may or may not include an image. However these messages can sometimes be infrequent and so the panel should display a clock and weather information when no messages are available.

Fortunately for us we already had a client application that allows the end user to create their own simple message feed. With this application, called Soundbites, the user can add messages at any time and the panel will detect them within 5 minutes. Remove the messages from the live data feed and the panel will revert to displaying time/weather information alone.