Digital signage has introduced new ways to provide audiences with engaging information. From retail to health care, numerous industries are starting to leverage the many benefits of digital signage.

As the digital signage trend continues to grow, travel and tourism organizations are beginning to use live, interactive information to encourage travellers to explore their destination. Digital signage allows tourists to feel connected while travelling by drawing people in and making information more readily available to them.

Here are the top five ways that digital signage can enhance the visitor experience for tourists:

Wayfinding with digital signage


Digital signage helps tourists navigate their destination and encourages travellers to explore their surrounding area with interactive information. The wayfinding capabilities make it easy for travellers to learn about attractions in the area and find the most direct route from point A to point B.

Providing Wi-Fi

Providing Wi-Fi increases property value and creates connectivity throughout the destination. Travellers who want to use free Wi-Fi on their phone will be drawn to the digital signage. Once Wi-Fi is connected, digital signage can send push notifications to users.

Wi-Fi hotspots

Latest news

Sharing News

Digital signage allows visitors to learn more about their destination and make informed travel decisions by updating users with live information. The interactive self-service solution can provide travelers with up-to-date information on weather, local news and upcoming events.

Promoting Local Businesses and Shops

Digital signage provides an advertising platform for local businesses. By connecting visitors to local shops and restaurants, the self-service solution encourages travellers to explore the area and promotes revenue for local businesses.

Local business


Collecting Analytics

Collecting analytics is a great way to measure return on investment (ROI) and the effectiveness of content. Digital signage can be used to gather data and learn more about users. The knowledge gained from analytics can be leveraged to tailor content for visitors and increase ROI.

Whether you’re in the tourism industry or not, feel free to read more about our own insight Digital Signage system.