COVID 19 Solutions


To help customers in every industry sector combat challenges faced because of the COVID-19 pandemic we now have  a range of specifically targeted solutions. These displays can be used in a variety of locations and can be operated with minimal to no physical contact. CONTACT US ANYTIME


insight is being used all over the world for a wide range of applications and uses.

Interactive kiosks inform tourists about local attractions, while digital wayfinders help visitors to navigate buildings. Digital menu boards mean that businesses increase sales and cut staff overhead, whilst digital posters are being used to advertise, inform, entertain & much more. Stunning video walls are stopping people in their tracks with incredible, multi-storey visual showcases.

Bedford House Video Wall
Visit Belfast Welcome Centre interactive tourist information kiosks
Wayfinder floors
Bedford House video wall
Moneymore Digital Menu Boards
GVA Staff digital poster mockup
Coleraine community hub VOIP digital assistance service
John Minnis Holywood digital poster

insight’s incredible versatility means that almost any business can gain substantial benefits by using it. Follow the link to find out more about ways that insight is being used today.

insight OUR SYSTEM

insight is powerful and versatile, yet user-friendly. Some of the features of insight are shown below.

Multiple Content Types Supported

inSight Digital Signage supports images, video, animation, live or recorded television, PowerPoint presentation, news feeds and much more.

Combine Content Sources

Inform and entertain at the same time. Display multiple content types within a custom-designed template with your brand colours and logo.

Live Data Feeds

Show live information – weather forecasts, breaking news, traffic information, your latest tweets or any other data feed.

Schedule Your Content

Show your promotions when they’ll have greatest impact. Display your content based on flexibile weekly and daily schedules.


Let your customers engage with your signage, either using touchscreen displays or using our innovative InTouch iPad remote control.

Powered by the Cloud

inSight harnesses the power of the cloud, bringing high levels of reliability, robustness, convenience and speed.

Robust and Reliable

inSight Media Player caches your content so that even if the network fails, your signs will keep running.

Any Screen Shape or Size

Large or small, portrait or landscape, wall-mounted or free-standing totem, touch or non-touch, single screen or stunning video wall!

Painless Publishing

inSight's content tools are a breeze to use, letting you show what you want, where you want it, when you want it, all without breaking a sweat!

insight’s comprehensive platform includes all the hardware and software you’ll need for any digital signage project, no matter how big or small.


Every project is different and every customer is unique. We’ve recently had the honour of creating bespoke digital signage solutions for the following businesses and organisations…

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